Fall is the time of year that involves cleaning gardens, raking leaves, and other outdoor activities that often increase the chance for losing your hearing aids.

Here are a few tips to keep your hearing aids in your ears this season:

  • Putting them on properly - Putting hearing aids on incorrectly makes it easy to lose track of them. These devices are designed to fit securely in or against your ear; a loose fit means more chances of loss.
  • Hearing aids come with instructions for proper fit. Putting them on properly may require tugging the ear to make the canal more full or twisting the device to make sure that it is secure. If you have issues following the instructions from the manufacturer, your audiologist or hearing professional can give you a few tips.
  • Choose a comfortable style of hearing aid - You might like custom-fit devices but can't get used to the feeling of having a large piece of plastic in your ears. Discomfort tempts you to adjust the hearing aid with your finger or wiggle your jaw, trying to find a comfortable fit. This agitation can loosen the device and ultimately compromise the fit.
  • It might be time to consider an open fit hearing aid rather than a custom one. Open-fit hearing aids have a long tip that fits the ear canal. The rest of the device hides behind the ear - from certain angles, they're less visible than custom-fit pieces.
  • Have Proper Insurance Coverage – Just in case! – With hearing aid insurance coverage from ESCO you can be confident that we have you covered in case of loss or accidental damage beyond repair of your hearing aids.

ESCO’s Loss, damage and repair insurance is the best option for individuals who have had their manufacturer warranty expire, or have previously lost a device while under warranty and no longer have the replacement option.

Visit ESCO coverage options: https://earserv.com/coverage-options/