For many with hearing loss it’s a common scenario: you’re enjoying life, out with friends or relaxing at home, when suddenly, BOOM. Your hearing aid battery dies and worse, you’re out of replacements.

Unfortunately, it’s not always convenient to run to the store for replacement hearing aid batteries. Whether the obstacle is a remote location, lack of mobility, a sudden snow storm, or even just a packed schedule, dropping everything and going on a battery run is not always an option.

By not having a plan in place for replacing hearing aid batteries, many hearing aid users become frustrated with their device. When a device isn’t functioning properly, even if it is due to a lack of charge, people become generally frustrated with the entire hearing aid experience.

Enter hearOclub, a hearing aid subscription service that delivers fresh hearing aid batteries on a set schedule, eliminating the gaps that can occur when you don’t have a regular replenishment plan. Their batteries are manufactured in the United States and aren’t stored in warehouses for extended periods of time like many brick and mortar stores.

You can sign up at, their plans start at just $7 per month.